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Celebrate in Style: Pasadena, California's Photo Booths, Weddings, Events, and More!

Planning a wedding, party, or special event in Pasadena? Captured Celebrations is your one-stop shop for making it truly remarkable! We're passionate about turning Pasadena's vibrant energy into memories that last a lifetime, and we do this with our unique rentals that add pizazz, personalization, and pure fun to any occasion. Capture Epic Moments with Our Pasadena Photo Booth Rentals​

Open Air Photo Booth

Strike a pose under the Pasadena sunshine with our chic open air Photo Booth, backdrop,  and professional lighting. Let guests unleash their creativity with a playful prop selection.

Open Air Photo Booth in front of Church


Retro Mirror Photo Booth

Step into a wonderland of interactive games and animations, and watch laughter erupt as guests discover their hilarious reflections. Add custom branding for a unique Pasadena touch

Retro Mirror Photo Booth


Audio Guestbook

  • Ditch the tired guest book and let your Pasadena guests leave heartfelt messages and funny anecdotes to cherish forever. Imagine the warm wishes and hilarious inside jokes captured, adding a personal touch to your Pasadena event.

  • We've thrilled countless Pasadena clients with this unique touch, and their glowing testimonials speak volumes. Check them out on our page!

Audio Guestbook


Flower Walls

  • Elevate your Pasadena event with a breathtaking flower wall backdrop! Choose from a range of vibrant colors and styles to complement your theme, transforming any space into a picture-perfect haven.

  • Imagine saying "I do" under a cascade of cascading blooms, or hosting a garden party that feels like a Pasadena fairytale. Our flower walls add instant sophistication and glamour to any Pasadena venue.

Green and white flower wall

Pasadena's Event Charm

Pasadena's vibrant spirit deserves celebrations that truly shine, and Captured Celebrations is here to make that happen! We're more than just a rental company; we're your trusted partners in crafting unforgettable experiences that echo Pasadena's charm.

Picture Perfect Moments with Pasadena Photo Booths:

  • Say Cheese under the Sun: Imagine laughter erupting as guests strut their stuff in our Open Air Booths against the backdrop of Pasadena's stunning skyline. Add playful props and custom backdrops that capture the city's unique character.

  • Whimsical Wonderland: Step into the Enchanted Ballroom with our Retro Mirror Booth.Interactive games, hilarious animations, and custom branding inspired by Pasadena's iconic Rose Parade will leave guests speechless!

Hear the Buzz of Pasadena through Audio Guestbooks:

  • Forget the dusty guest book! Let your Pasadena guests leave heartwarming messages and hilarious anecdotes that become cherished keepsakes. Imagine capturing the city's warmth and humor, creating a unique audio tapestry of your Pasadena event.

  • We've seen the goosebumps and heard the tears of joy from countless Pasadena clients who chose our Audio Guestbooks. Read their testimonials and discover the magic for yourself!

Blooms and Elegance: Unveiling Pasadena's Flower Wall Beauty:

  • Transform any Pasadena space into a breathtaking scene with our stunning flower walls! Choose from a kaleidoscope of colors and styles, perfectly echoing the city's vibrant energy. Imagine saying "I do" under a cascade of roses or setting the scene for a garden party reminiscent of Pasadena's iconic gardens.

Insider Tips for a Pasadena Celebration Like No Other

We're more than just Pasadena's premier photo booth, audio guestbook, and flower wall rental company – we're your local event insiders! Let us unlock the city's hidden gems and secret tips to make your celebration truly Pasadena-perfect.

Venue Gems:

  • Sun-Kissed Celebrations: Imagine exchanging vows under the dappled sunlight at Eaton Canyon's lush trails, or hosting a family reunion with breathtaking views from Debs Park. We'll help you find the ideal outdoor haven for your unforgettable event.

  • Elegant Escapes: For a touch of sophistication, step into the grandeur of Norton Simon Museum's serene courtyards, or host a corporate gala in the historic Pasadena City Hall's stately chambers. We know the city's hidden gems that will leave your guests awestruck.

Festive Fiesta:

  • Stay in the Know: Forget FOMO! We'll keep you updated on Pasadena's must-attend events, from the dazzling Bridal Blitz expo showcasing local vendors to the vibrant Colorado Street SummerFest with live music and family fun. Let us weave your celebration into the city's festive spirit.

  • Tailored Twists: Craving a unique vibe? We'll connect you with hidden local treasures like the quirky Norton Simon Book Sale or the vibrant Playhouse District for an after-party with artistic flair. We'll make your event an unforgettable chapter in Pasadena's story.

Planning Made Easy:​

  • Culinary Delights: From Pasadena's renowned gastropubs to hidden caterers specializing in authentic Filipino cuisine, we'll connect you with culinary masters who will tantalize your guests' taste buds.

Pasadena Touches in Every Detail:

  • Landmark Backdrops: Amaze your guests with photo booth backdrops featuring the iconic Rose Parade floats or the picturesque Craftsman homes lining Pasadena's streets. Make your event capture the city's unique character.

  • Blooming Inspirations: Let your flower wall reflect Pasadena's vibrant spirit! Choose from cheerful poppy hues like the iconic Tournament of Roses to the calming lavender shades of the Descanso Gardens. Let your event blossom with local touches.

  • Whispers of Pasadena: Capture heartwarming messages from your guests with audio guestbook prompts inspired by the city's rich history and quirky charms. Imagine hearing stories of the Rose Parade or memories of Colorado Street's bustling markets. Make your event a tapestry of Pasadena voices.

With Captured Celebrations, your Pasadena event won't just be a party, it will be an immersive experience that celebrates the city's soul. Contact us today and let us weave your Pasadena fairytale, filled with unique venues, festive fun, and stress-free planning.


Remember, we're not just rental experts, we're your local guides to an unforgettable Pasadena celebration!

Fuel Your Pasadena Fun: Delicious Eats After Your Captured Celebration!

Cranking up the fun with Captured Celebrations is just half the Pasadena experience. To truly tantalize your taste buds after all the photo booth laughter and flower wall selfies, dive into these down-to-earth local gems:

1 / Nick's Pasadena (American):

Immerse yourself in Pasadena's culinary history at Nick's, a beloved institution since 1959. Indulge in the "Nick's Original Prime Rib Sandwich," a juicy masterpiece piled high on toasted sourdough. Pro tip: save room for their warm butter cake. 

(626) 787-1444;

2 / Union Restaurant (Italian)

Tucked away on Union Street, this cozy spot serves up rustic Italian fare with a modern twist. Share the "ARUGULA SALAD" bursting with Pecorino Romano, lemon, olive oil, then dive into the decadent "SPINACH PAPPARDELLE" – smoked duck ragu, porcini, fontina cream, breadcrumb. Bellissimo!

(626) 795-5841;

3 / Cabrera's Mexican Restaurant

Cabrera's is a Pasadena staple for a reason. The festive atmosphere and generous portions are perfect for families or large groups. Dive into the sizzling "Fajitas Trio" with your choice of meats and sizzling onions, or share the "Mole Sauce Enchiladas" – classic comfort food at its finest.

(626) 795-0230;

"Very professional and friendly people. I love the quality of the pictures."

Jenny D.

"Had a blast using the audio guestbook for my party! Seriously, it took the fun and memories to a whole new level. Recording messages was a breeze, and everyone got into it. The playback quality was top-notch. Such a cool way to keep the celebration vibes alive"

Hailey B.

"What a great experience to have!!! I had Liz come to my bridal shower and it was sooo much fun taking pictures with everyone and being able to see them all after! I got to pick my cute background and it was perfect !"

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